Open Yourself

Keep smiling 🙂

Everyone is familiar with two symbols 🙂 and :(. Although there is very little difference in the formation of these, we can easily identify that the 1st one is smiling and the second one is sad.

I look at these from a little different angle and find that the 2nd one says “I am closed and kept myself on one side of an imaginary wall; keeping rest of the world on the other side”.
While the first one says “I am open to the world… I love to enjoy with people. Come and join me in this beautiful journey called life.”

So it simply suggests that open yourself and enjoy the life with smile just likeJ. Before brooding over this suggestion we need to know what it means.

At times we feel insecure and create a hypothetical wall around us. This wall stops us from sharing and interacting with others. At this stage, we stop learning or to say moving in the life and consequently our life becomes unpleasant like stunk stagnant water.  Opening oneself means to remove one’s boundary wall created to get detached.

Below are few points which will be helpful in opening up:

  1. Remove your prejudices/perceptions.
  2. Write diary.
  3. Share your concerns with friends/family.
  4. Learn to trust people.
  5. Find your interests and do what makes you happy without disturbing others.
  6. Take part in group activities.

Ask yourself if you really want to be happy. If your answers is ‘Yes’, demolish the wall and enjoy the life.


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