Lakshdeep Reviews

We took Samudram package to visit Lakshdeep (during 17-21 feb). This package is for 4 nights and 5 days. We traveled in Ship named M V Kavaratti. All nights were spent on the ship itself and the day time was reserved for visiting Islands.

** Package Details can be found at

Day 1.

We reached Cochin in the morning and boarded on ship at 1 PM. Our cabin was nice and clean. It had 1 table and 2 chairs along with the beds. Everything on the ship was well managed and pretty good. Earlier we were little scared about how we would feel in ship.. but it all was now replaced with a pretty smile on our faces..

Ship moved around 4:30 PM.. Though our wonderful experience had been already started..

In the evening, we enjoyed Sun Set and breeze on the Deck.

Day 2.

In the morning after having our breakfast, we moved for Kalpeni Island in a boat. It was an amazing experience to see several colors of sea from the boat.. and clear water was very eye soothing. On Island we took sea bath.. did snorkeling and kayaking. We took lunch and then watched a traditional dance. It was little hot in the after noon, but overall the day was good. In the evening we came back on the ship.

Day 3.

It was the most beautiful Island of our trip.. Minicoy.. true natural beauty.. Scuba diving was another interesting and unforgettable experience here. We saw lots of colored fishes, touched different corals and enjoyed watching the sea life so closely.

Surrounding was very pleasant. One can spend hours in the clear water on this white sand beach.

Lunch was followed by traditional dance and village trip. We were surprised to know that “Boys have to go to Girl’s house after marriage here

Day 4.

Now it was the turn of ‘Kavaratti’, Capital of Lakshdeep. We enjoyed riding on glass bottom boat here.

Day 5.

In the morning, all tourists gathered to say formally good bye to each other. It was also a nice time with all of them. At 12 pm, we reached cochin back with numerous beautiful memories of paradise ‘Lakshdeep’. After having lunch we left the ship..

Why to take this package : If you want to enjoy sea beauty at a calm and serene place in a budget suiting your pocket.

Why not to take: If you are going for adventurous water sports (please check other packages provided on given URL). As this package includes only basic water sports which I have already mentioned above.

Sun Set


  1. Amalesh Bandopadhyay

    It is immense pleasure to share such beautiful experiences qua the voyage undertaken in islands of great Lakshadweep.I feel tempted to undertake such tours at the beginning of winter this year.

  2. Prabakaran C

    Hi, How did you make the booking? Is there any documents needed for entry? Any llist of mandatory things to take care? Does this trip suits kids?

    • Hi Prabakaran,

      Thank you for reading my writing.
      I made this tour in Feb 2012.. Yes.. long back.. I did the booking with Kairali holidays, travel agency in Kochin. You can directly call them as well. School going kids will enjoy. We needed no documents. Though it has been 5 years and I hope they still have that economic and beautiful tour package..

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